We provide an extensive range of roofing services to both domestic and commercial clients in Poole. This includes ensuring your roofline is intact, which subsequently keeps your whole property safe against elements such as water. Our team of roofers are trusted and fully qualified, so you can rest assured that they will work with you and your home respectfully and in a timely manner. For decades, we have installed and repaired rooflines, from fascias and soffits through to leadwork and more general guttering. All of our services are competitively priced and quality assured, so you can expect flawless results once the job is done. Whether you are in need of new fascias, would like a dormer roof or need a chimney flashings inspection, our adept team are the ones to call to avoid disappointment. So, why not get in touch now for new rooflines in Poole?

Fascias and Soffits

Have you checked your roofline recently for faults in your fascias or soffits? It is often an area that homeowners forget about. However, it is vital to keep an eye on them to protect the interior of your property. There are several indications which will show that you need new fascias and soffits, including:

Cracks and breaks

Leaking gutters

Paint peeling off

Looks poor and weathered

Evidence of pests in your roof space (scurrying, rusting, squeaking and droppings)

Rotten timber fascias’ and bargeboards

Contact us if you see any of these signs for a prompt service and long-lasting results.


Roofing leadwork ensures rainwater is prevented from entering passages in between the roof’s elements and the interior of the building. This is done by directing water away from the building using lead flashings and stopping excess moisture from entering your home. If you are experiencing damp or moisture of any kind, it is likely you will need lead flashings fitted or replaced. So, for a bonus layer of protection on your home, contact us.


The guttering is a vital element of any building. It consists of many elements which assist in diverting water away from your property and into the rainwater drain/underground downspouts. Without guttering, rainwater could damage the interior and exterior of your home depending on the structure’s materials. Luckily, our dexterous team are fully qualified in installing and fixing guttering to the highest quality.

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